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Private Adoptions in Morocco- What you need to know!

Approximately 7,000 children are deserted or abandoned at birth every year in Morocco. In 2016, about 20 of these were adopted by Americans. A private adoption is any adoption that does not involve an orphanage. Perhaps you would like to adopt a relative. Perhaps you know of a woman who does not want to parent […]

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Will the election result impact my adoption?

Those of you who have adopted from overseas or who plan to do so in the future will be requesting benefits under Section 101 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. This section of the law is the section that allows US citizens to classify other people as their relatives and bring them to the United […]

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Citizenship for Adopted Children- what you need to know!

This past February, Immigration and Customs Enforcement knocked on Adam Crasper’s door, arrested him and began the process of deportation. There has been a lot of talk about Adam Crasper, a married father of three from Washington State. For those of you who may not know, Adam was a little boy who was adopted from […]

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Adoption rules are about to change! The Adoption Citizenship Act, 2015

The immigration-adoption rules are about to change again. Under the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, a child becomes a citizen automatically if the following criteria were met:
(1) One parent is a citizen by birth or naturalization.
(2) The child is under age 18.
(3) The child has a green card.
(4) The child is residing in the US in the physical […]

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I get calls every month from Christians who want to adopt from Pakistan. I understand both the draws to adopting from Pakistan and the concerns.
On the upside, families tend to adopt very young babies- less than a week old, belly buttons not healed yet. The babies are, by-and-large healthy, and are placed due to a […]

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If a child is physically present in the United States, is it possible to adopt them? In general it is possible. There are several ways to obtain legal status for a Muslim child who is present in the United States.

Option 1: Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. If the child is physically present in the United States, […]

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And this week in Pakistani adoptions….

Embassy processing times have slowed down!! Most families are not being scheduled for interviews at the 15 day mark as they had been before. We’re seeing most families receiving appointment notices about 3-4 weeks after submitting their documents to the embassy. The interviews are occurring about 5 weeks after the submission of the documents. Don’t […]

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Did Brangelina just adopt from Syria?

Two people shared this story with me (Thank you Zeina and Farida!) and immigration attorney Hiba Ghalib asked me if I did it (I wish Hiba!).

Apparently Brad and Angelina have adopted a Syrian child. Although I believe that 99% of what we read in tabloids IS TRUE, I don’t think this is. Here’s why: […]

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The Donald v. The babies. Will you still be able to adopt from a Muslim country if he gets elected?

According to his campaign web site, “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”
I’ve tried to research a little further to find out what exactly Mr. Trump is saying here and if there are any […]

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Can I adopt my brother’s baby? Complex adoption issues for those adopting from Muslim countries.

I googled “Adopt Muslim Family Member” today out of curiosity. There’s really not much out there on this topic. The State Department even goes so far as to say that it’s simply never done. But my experience is different. I have often seen a Muslim couple turn to their family for help when they have […]

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