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Make the Border Kids American?

I just read a piece by a guy named Hugh Hewitt called “Make the Border Kids Americans”.  “Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated talk radio show, a partner in a national law firm and a professor of law at the Fowler School of Law at Chapman University in Orange County, California.”

He had the […]

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The Primary Provider Conundrum- another Universal Accreditation Act post

Not satisfied with cutting the number of international adoptions from “Hague” countries in half, the US has now turned its attention to the Non-Hague countries. This is a shame when you consider that the non-Hague countries are primarily the ones that did not have enough resources to plough into setting up a centralized adoption authority […]

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Órdenes Ejecutivas- Que podemos esperar?

El Presidente Obama anunció la semana pasada que el dará “Órdenes Ejecutivas” en un intento de terminar la crisis de inmigración. Que puede hacer el Presidente Obama para ayudar a los inmigrantes sin cambiar las leyes? Muchísimo!

Aquí están algunos cambios potenciales:

1.      Expandir DACA/Acción Diferida

Bajo ciertas reglas, un individuo puede aplicar para la acción diferida si […]

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The Universal Accreditation Act- what you should expect next, what you need to do now!

Can you say “RFEs”?

USCIS has recently issued its interim guidance on how I-600, orphan petitions, will be adjudicated under the new law.  Everybody with a pending I-600A or I-600 should expect to receive Requests for Evidence  (“RFEs”) or even a  Notices of Intent to Deny (NOIDs) as the individual officers work on adjudicating these applications.

This […]

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The Universal Accreditation Act, interim guidance, a more in depth look.


Here’s a more in depth review of  the interim guidance memo.


The memo states clearly that all adoption service providers operating in the United States are required to be accredited by the central adoption authority. Fine. We already new that.


If prospective adoptive parents filed an I-600A or I-600 before July of 2013 then the UAA does […]

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The Universal Accreditation Act- finally some guidance!!


Well we finally have it! USCIS has issued its interim guidance on the UAA. Let’s get right down to the nitty gritty- what’s going to happen to adoptions from Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt?


Here is is from the horse’s mouth:


“Petitioners may still act on their own behalf in their own adoption case if

permitted under the laws […]

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Opciones de Inmigración para esos que entraron como menores!

The Department of Homeland Security está teniendo problema para manejar el “éxodo masivo” de unos 52,000 niños inmigrantes desacompañados que han cruzado la frontera de Estados Unidos ilegalmente, han rompido record en números sobre los últimos meses, según el testimonio dado el Martes por DHS Secretario Jeh Johnson.

El número de niños ilegales que cruzan la […]

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UAA Transition Guidance- What you need to know!

The UAA transition guidance is finally available and I’m happy to report that in my opinion, the sky is not falling!!  We don’t have final regulations yet and until we do, nobody knows what is going to happen but here’s my take on the guidance we have thus far:

First- know this:  A competent authority means […]

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As the founder of Pakistan Adoption Group, I have had the privilege of helping thousands of adoptive families adopt babies from Pakistan over the past 10 years. As the mother of two daughters, both adopted from Pakistan, and having built a community with other adoptive families, I felt good about having made a difference in […]

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Cree usted que no es elegible para la Acción Diferida De Los Llegados En La Infancia (DACA) Piénselo dos veces!!!

Muchas personas aún no han aplicado para DACA porque creen no ser elegibles. Tomemos un tiempo y veamos los requisitos:

Tenía usted menos de 31 años en Junio 15, 2012?
Llego a los Estados Unidos antes de los 16 años de edad?
Ha vivido en los Estados Unidos continuamente desde Junio 15,2007?
Estuvo usted en los Estados Unidos en […]

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